Diana’s Friday Round Up

Reiss Dress

1) This dress is cocktail hour, wedding, formal event approved. Such a stunner and on sale at Reiss (now $292).

2) High quality well-fitting professional clothing is hard to come by these days. A few of my favorite places to find workwear are British brands Jaeger and Reiss and the French brand Maje. Luckily all three are currently hosting summer sales! My favorite pieces from the sale include this square print silk jersey dress, this black and white blazer, this black blazer with braided leather trim, and seriously beautiful two-tone blue pumps.

3) Stylekick, a Toronto-based startup company, recently invited me to join their new app. Stylekick claims to be “your own personal stylist,” creating your own personal shopping experience unique to each user’s personal style. Pretty cool, no? I’ve yet to try it out… but it’s on my to-do list for this weekend. 

4) If you’re a science nerd like me, you’ll find this article about how tiny variations in our genes called SNPs are the cause behind blonde hair. Pretty cool.

In other science news… a new study out this week found that male faces have evolved to buttress against a punch. Essentially, the strong male facial features developed to protect the brain from impacts to the face as a result of fistfights with other males (presumably fights over females). Those men… 

5) Lastly, you can use this interactive online resource to predict past and future baby name popularity. Diana peaked in popularity in 2004 and won’t peak again until 2037. It’s fun to check the names of all your family and friends.

I’m heading to upstate New York this weekend to visit with friends. We’re going to shop at Wegmans, eat crepes covered in Nutella, drink wine, and go dancing. It should be fabulous.

Have a lovely weekend :)

VIDEO: Beauty bits I’ve been loving in May!

May Favorites

Can you believe it’s June already!? Well, I seriously cannot believe summer is FINALLY here in full swing! Hip hip hooray for sunshine, warm temperatures and lazy days at the beach. In celebration of it being June, I filmed a video showcasing all of the beauty bits and bobs that I’ve been loving throughout the month of May.  It was shockingly difficult to narrow down my choices this month, as I’ve been trying out a lot of (great!) products lately.

You can watch the video above to see all of my picks!

What were your favorite beauty bits this month? 

P.S. Be kind, as this is my second foray into the video world.  Bear with me as I perfect this thing! And please, any comments/suggestions are more than welcome :)

Capsule nail polish collection: Reds

Red Nail Polish

What girl doesn’t love nail polish!?

I recently noticed that my collection had grown a tad too large and included many colors that I never wore. After a good clean out, I whittled my collection down to a few capsule polishes from each of 5 color families: reds, nudes, plums/purples, greys, and glitters. In a series of posts, I’ll show you my favorite polishes from each.

First up: reds! Red is such a classic color. It’s always in style, season-less and works for nearly any occasion. I have four favorite red polishes, each a different hue and catering to a different mood.

1) In the orange-red category is Essie’s Fifth Avenue. This polish is the perfect creamy red-orange blend, leaning more red than orange. It applies smoothly and goes opaque in one coat (although two are best!). This is my favorite summer red – it’s equally perfect on nails or toes – and evokes thoughts of trips to the beach and clambakes.

2) Essie’s Lollipop can be described as a bright candy cane red. It has a warm undertone and is similar in hue to Fifth Avenue, but less orange. A perfect all-year-long shade, I find myself reaching for this shade equally in summer and winter. Rumor has it this is Olivia Palermo’s (girl always sports a flawless red manicure) signature shade!

3) Moving into darker reds, my next favorite is Butter London’s Pillar Box Red. Described as a red-orange cream, this polish is less orange than Fifth Avenue or Lollipop, and is slightly darker. It’s also long-wearing; I find it lasts at least 5 days with a good top coat.

4) The newest addition to my red collection is Jin Soon’s Coquette, a bright cherry red that is both feminine and sophisticated. Think movie star red. This is the red I choose for date nights, weddings, and special events. This is the first Jin Soon polish I’ve tried. I’m so impressed with the quality and formula of this one that I’ll definitely be trying more.

Next up from my capsule nail polish collection: best of nudes. Stay tuned. 

Nail Polish Swatch Reds

THE DAILY :: Today I’m Loving Vol. 14 , No. Three

zara jackets

Zara is killing it this spring/summer with their selection of jackets and blazers. Although they always have the basics covered, this spring there are some extra special pieces on the shelves. I’m loving the cream and pastel color palette, fun fabrics (jersey, tweed), and unique cuts. Peplum is a still on-trend this season, as are zippers, cropped sleeves, peter pan collars, and collar-less jackets. All of these pieces will transition from work-wear to weekend-wear and will pair effortlessly with either a pencil skirt, skinny jeans, or shorts. I’ve already picked two of these up for myself (1,2) and am thinking about a third (5)! I’ll be layering mine over tee shirts and tanks on chilly spring and summer evenings, and over silk blouses for chilly air conditioned temperatures at the office.

Check them out here: 1/2/3/4/5/6

A personal style blog by Diana Therese. Lipstick addict, style maven. Shopping, eating and living in NYC. Inquiries, suggestions, critique and/or flatteries may be sent to thedianatherese (at) gmail (dot) com


A personal style blog by Diana Therese. Lipstick addict, style maven. Shopping, eating and living in NYC. Inquiries, suggestions, critique and/or flatteries may be sent to thedianatherese (at) gmail (dot) com